Sentaa Edit

Named after 'Sentaa Gai' (center street in shibuya), their style varies a lot as they don't seem to be as influenced by trends as manba and banba. Makeup can still include the white 'whiskers' that manba used to draw on their face.Clothes are similar to manba in that it is mainly brightly coloured clubwear, some do still wear hawaiian prints and leis (possibly for novelty value, but this is not done with manba). Hair is often spiked up with a side-swept fringe and in blonde, silver or bright colours. Sentaa or Sentaa Guys as for lack of a better term male Manbas...They wear the same Alba Rosa pants and have the same long lion manes teased up 4 inches. They wear the same make-up and even dress in tons of pink. One common difference is the amount of jewelry accosted by a Sentaa-Kun...usually tons of beaded "raver" bracelets or Madonna-esque jelly bracelets cling to their super tan arms. Flip flops are a must...flat ones.

Sentaa Guys