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Rokku Gyaru (Rock Gal) is a subcategory of Japanese gyaru/gal fashion and lifestyle, which incorporates elements of goth, rock, and visual kei. This is one of the gyaru styles that does not require a tan, and is noticeably different from the standard styles of gyaru.

The style is characterized by lots of black, leather, chains, studs and generally anything that would fall under what would suit a 'rock' style. There are a lot of skulls and crossbones, gothic writing, rips, holes and stripes. The makeup is very true to classic gyaru makeup but heavier, sometimes with bright coloured eyeshadows or a smokey eye look. Piercings and tattoos are commonly seen with Rokku Gyaru.

Hair colours can range from pitch black to bright blonde and everything inbetween, and unnatural colours such as pink, purple, blue, etc. are often seen.