Mode gyaru

Mode gyaru is a sub-style of gyaru. Mode (mohdo (mode)モード) is the japanese word for 'high fashion'

(from the french word mode). Mode Gyaru focuses on sleek lines, interesting cuts, bold patterns, conforming to or changing the body shape to make dramatic silhouettes.

Popular Mode brands include EMODA and MURUA. Similarly to Agejo, this is a style of gyaru that tends to be favoured by older gyaru, however this style can be worn well into someone's 30s whilst still being able to retain a gyaru style. The style is very classy and very appropiate for all types of life, such as working, dining, going out and casual arrangements.

The hair is often far more toned down than any other type of gyaru, focusing on sleek styles, short hair or tied back styles. Often colours tend to be mainly black and white, but other colours are seen although they tend to be one or two key pieces of an outfit, rather than having an all over colourful outfit. Heels are often worn, and makeup is clean and precise.