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"-Gyaru demo Dekita- Kaisha no Tsukurikata! + I Uta PV" (☆ギャルでも出来た☆会社の作り方!+ I 謡PV) is the first DVD ever to be released by J-Pop singer-songwriter sifow.

The DVD was released July 14, 2005 under SGR. It was a limited print. Every copy was sold through her official site, like every other of her indies releases. Nowadays the DVD is quite rare and can only be purchased through auctions. It's original sales price was only 1800 yen.


世界初!?ギャルで社長でアーティストのsifowが会社設立DVDを制作!会社ってどうやって作るんだろ?そんな疑問を楽しく気軽にsifow先生が街頭アンケートやクイズ等で分かりやすく説明!」 - SGR Official Site

Translation: "World-first!? A gyaru, a company president and an artist, sifow's, company establishment DVD! How to make a company? Such questions are explained in a way easy to understand by the fun and cheerful teacher sifow with surveys and quizzes asked on the street!"



  1. ☆ギャルでも出来た☆会社の作り方! (-Gyaru demo dekita- kaisha no tsukurikata!)
  2. I謡 PV (I Uta PV)
  3. LIVE 映像 (LIVE eizou)
  4. ボーナスクリップ (Boonasu kurippu)