The B stands for "black", it's a style that's inspired by hip hop clothing, but less gangsta/streetwear and more bling-bling. Also it's more flashy and feminine than a lot of the hip hop wear you see in the West. A prominent brand is "Shoop" - with the defining slogan "Real black so cool". As far as I know it had its peak in 2004.Biker style is characterized by lots of black/bright colors, and leather, chains, and plaid. The style is usually isolated to Banba/Bambas, but there are exceptions. The style is surprisingly feminine and nods to the Vivienne Westwood-punk-bondage styles of the 70's/80's in the U.K.Light white panda make-up is applied to the corners as well as some black liner for contour. The hair is usually similar to banba style but can also be cornrows/braids/or faux-hawks. A popular follower of Baika style is Hiromi Endo who epitomizes it with her fierce expression and up until recently jet black hair...which is uncharacteristic for a GAL to remain raven-headed.

Baika Gals