Name: Kimberly Christina / Ayumu Akimoto (秋本あゆむ) / Zhang Jing Li
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Gender: Female (女性)

Born: January 23, 1995 (1995年01月23日)

Blood Type: AB (AB型)

Occupation: High School Student/Model (高校生/モデル)

School: Columbia International College of Canada (CIC)

About Ayumu Akimoto:

Ayumu Akimoto is an Canadian-Japanese model. She is a Chinese-Japanese-Dutch descent as her mother is a Japanese Dutch descent and her father is a Chinese descent. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia and Tokyo, Japan. She is currently studying in Hamilton, Canada called Columbia International College of Canada and will be graduating next year and taking Arts (Photography, Fashion Designer and Modelling). She speaks 3 fluent languages, English, Japanese, Chinese and she understands a bit of Dutch. She has one little brother named Andrew Edward who is also a Canadian.

She is in MIST's K Company. At first she was only doing a photoshoot session in Indonesia and Singapore. Then she started getting into a higher section and getting into a more higher level. But her mother stopped her to do modelling and move back to Canada which her family are mostly living in Canada.


  • ミュージカル『ロミオ&ジュリエット』

主催:TBS/ホリプロ/東宝/梅田芸術劇場 ジュリエット役出演決定 2011年9月7日〜上演

  • アジアスーパーモデルコンテスト 2010

ASIAN SUPER MODEL CONTEST 2010 日本代表アジアスーパーモデル賞受賞


S/S 出演


出演 ほかCM • 広告多数出演

Social Network:

She is pretty much known in Social Network life such as Twitter, Instagram, GifBoom, Tumblr, Youtube and many other things. She sings, dance, describe her own life from taking pictures and love making friends.