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Amekaji, which translates as 'American Casual', is a sub-style of Gyaru. It is bright, colourful and inspired by the ficitionised stereotypical idea of America. The style is very comfortable and casual, and has been noted to be particularly forgiving to Gyaru of all shapes and sizes as loose fitting clothing is appropiate.

The Style Edit

Prints are often bold and brightly coloured, with big print wording or cute patterns on clothing. Hats are often worn, such as baseball caps, beanies and spirit hoods. Shoes tend to be flat, with Amekaji Gals opting for sneakers over heels.

The hair is often bleached to various shades of blonde, as to emulate the image of American girls.

Clothing is often loose and baggy, for a relaxed 'casual' look.

A popular brand for Amekaji is Cocolulu.