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Agejo is a sub-style of Gyaru. It is generally worn by, but is not exclusively limited to a hostess. The style is

very glamourous and feminine, influenced by expressing a high level of sex appeal through the style and attitude.

This is the style most often shown in the magazine 小悪魔 AGEHA magazine, a popular magazine aimed at young women who love sexy and cute fashion, as well as those who work in the Hostess industry.

Style characteristics Edit

  • Mori [big, intricate and decorative] hairstyles
  • Dyed hair often in the brown to blonde range, though darker is seen
  • Spectacular nails with shine
  • Glamorous deco accessories
  • Large sunglasses
  • Top and bottom lashes with thick eyeliner
  • Dolly-style circle lens
  • The black x pink combination
  • Lingerie aspects such as showing a fancy bra, having garter stockings, and corset lacing.
  • Often the shape of clothing is a short dress tight to the chest but loose in other areas.
  • Brand-name bags and jewelry

The style is often found more in older Gyaru, and rarely seen on young Gyaru due to the mature status of the style. Whilst Agejo is quite a revealing style at times, it remains very classy.